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Being the boss is tough, and balance is a total myth, right!? So how do we get through it? We ask people that have been there, done that, people that aren't afraid to give it to you straight. THE SHEWOLF® SHOW is all about real conversation, so we put our guests on the spot, no prepping, no previous questions, we just talk shoppe, in a raw and real way. [I don't know how NOT to be real]. We invite you to join us to get the real nitty gritty from those who have succeeded, failed, and are still figuring it out.




MEET YOUR HOST: Jordan Lacenski

MEET YOUR HOST: Jordan Lacenski


Jordan has always been bold and direct, sometimes to her detriment. As she ventured into entrepreneurship, she craved real talk even more. When time is money, small talk isn't on the calendar.

When you start a business, you're expected to have it all together, but when you wear 1 million hats, you're always searching for people who "get it."

She quickly found she needed to find "her people," so she co-founded a female-run collaborative and community called (you guessed it).... SheWolf®. When she finally built her pack, she found that the support and advice from a trusted inner-circle was not only refreshing, but absolutely necessary for her sanity. 

You can hunt her and the pack down at

If that's not enough for ya, we suggest you insta-stalk her businesses too:

@brandbosscreative + @shewolfco



We do things a little bit differently over here at SheWolf, and the podcast is no exception. Conversations are unscripted and have no real time limit (but all of them are under an hour, because we know you can’t sit that long). We also drop them in SERIES, so you can binge listen while you work, while you drive, or while you are taking a break from binge-watching your favorite series.

SEASON 1: Is balance a real thing (and other b words)?


  1. Breanna Wulf Polacik of the dotted i

  2. Joanna Waterfall and Kacy Schlener of Yellow Co

  3. Shannon Waters of Pilot Light Consulting

  4. David Horne of Honestly

  5. Calvin Wayman

  6. Dannie Lynn Fountain

  7. Cass Wendell of The Wellness Rookie

  8. Keeley McKay

  9. Reina Pomeroy of Reina + Co

  10. Brie Goumaz + Dani Forrest

SEASON 2: Failure is my favorite F word.



  1. Alisha Wielfeart of Yoke and Abundance

  2. Anessa Fike of Fike + Co

  3. Yansi Fugel of Tux Couture

  4. Samantha Parker + Kathy Rasmussen of Badassery Mag

  5. Ciera Krinke of SheWolf Co

  6. Jen Cox of the Beautifully Equipped Podcast

  7. Marley McKenna of Taco Del Sol + Spearhead branding + apparel

  8. Christie Soper of Suncierge

  9. Jen Brown of Fearless + The Engaging Educator

SEASON 3: Coming Soon

Just be patient.